About Me

Heyo, I'm Void.
(or Nitro, Kyro/Kyi and/or Des.)

I am an autistic person with ADHD (calling myself AuDHD combined) and I play video games and draw in my spare time, while also being a linux user (my main distro is Nobara Linux, btw).

In terms of online and pride; I'm an aromantic asexual (shortened as aroace) goober who's fursona is a white anthromorphic moth with a tan secondary color. I tend to mess up on my words and sentences, since i'm NOT really good at vocabs and I think before I type, which can cause me to say things I should've said... In that case; please correct me. I'm also shy when meeting new people, so there's also that...


kyropy(lethallava.land) -> kyropy(lea.pet) -> void(app.wafrn.net) -> nitrohine(moth.zone)
(mastodon.lol died, abandoned stereophonic.space, and migrated away from wetdry.world)

Social Media(s)

Discord: kyropy (_uwt#8904)   git.gay: Desaxu   Soundcloud: kyropy  

Twitch: bluethedrybones   Youtube: Kyropy  


Minecraft: phoebee7714   Xbox: phoebee7714   Playstation: Crowglister   Steam: kyropy


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