About Me

Hi there, i'm Void aka Kyropy or Nitrohine, but my preferred nick is Void. I'm an autistic individual who is male and has ADHD (making me AUDHD) and I play alot of video games, draw or even code, which is how I made this site. Usually, I tend to mess up on words and/or sentences when I'm typing and I send messages faster than I think, so if I mess up.. I apologize and you may correct me on the matter. I'm also very shy when making new friends unless i met them via calls; so please take me lightly if we do meet up.

As a gamer myself, I play Sandbox, Zombie Survival, Adventure/Action and/or Casual games (examples: Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Persona 3, etc.) as a way to relax and chill once I have freetime, but I'm currently (as of 2/20/24) in high school and so i will be not avaliable during those times (You can also find what time I go to school at on my discord.) I will also not be avaliable if I'm drawing for a long time or doing IRL stuff.

Social Media(s)

Discord: kyropy (_uwt#8904)   Github: Desaxu   Soundcloud: kyropy   Matrix: kyropy:envs.net  

wetdry.world: nitrohine   lethallava.land (art): kyropy   lea.pet: kyropy

Twitch: bluethedrybones     Steam: kyropy   Owler: kyropy


none, currently.