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My Work

My Art!


I began drawing back in 2019 mostly using IbisPaint X as the main source of drawing (which was all on phone due to a lack of a drawing pad back then), and way back before 2019, I drew on either lined or sketched paper.
Nowadays, I use IbisPaint (pro version) for digital art and Pixel Studio, LibreSprite and/or Pixilart for my pixel art, albiet I still draw on paper sometimes.

drawing of a green octopus back in 2019 VS drawing of a ufo robot in 2023

...Now onto the art showcase!


a drawing of a brown fox with a white secondary tone with a green bunny shirt, tan khakis and blue and black shoes while carrying a silver bag strap. a drawing of a human with a blue and black polo with gray plaid pants and blue and black shoes. a drawing of a creature with blue skin, yellow eyes with a black iris, a <q>fin-head<\q>, a long and pointy <q>sword-like</q> nose wearing a black open hoodie with black buttons and a half short dark purple pants. a 3D preview of a slim minecraft skin looking like a anthromorphic white-tailed deer with a red cap, white shirt, blue pants and black shoes.




Where to find my art

I mostly post my art on or in other places.
Usually, my artwork takes around 10-35 minutes to finish, depending on how fast im drawing (I tend to draw fast because I think i'm on a time crunch!), but at the cost of losing moviation to draw, or getting an idea to draw.

My Projects!

BeachyWorlds [2021]
Status: Archived

Description: BeachyWorlds is a ClassiCube minigame/sandbox server where you and your friends can hangout in the beachy life. It was originally called Ravenshade at one point (with a different theme), but has returned to it's original name afterwards.

Yoshook! [2023]
Status: Discontinued
Reason: No longer planning on working on it.

Description: A general Discord -> IRC bot made from discord.js. I will probably make it more useful in the future, but for now; it's just a general bot.

Defiled Wild Lands [2022]
Status: Archived

Description: A Discord roleplay server where weird things and happen and you get to survive in islands across the Defiled Lands.
it has a wiki; but it's a FANDOM wiki that'll never update; so I wont add it here.

jellyplains [2024]
Status: Active, but rarely staff(ing)
Description: An underwater-themed freebuild with sandbox, freebuild and pixel art! (Currently uses BeachyWorlds as a template.)